About Zakhariy

2011 built, river and sea floating Crane Zakhariy with 680 tons of lifting capacity was imported to Turkey by Oneks Denizcilik İnşaat Dış Tic. San. A.Ş.

Turkish classification and Turkish flag transfer is done and currently Zakhariy holds its place as the the  floating Crane with the highest lifting capacity among Turkish floating cranes.

Along with the 97,2 * 16 meters main floating platform, Zakhariy also has 2 separate 43,2 * 14,9 meters of side floating platforms. During the operation, the side platforms are joined the main platform in various different options to give stability. The height of the platforms are 4,90 meters and gross weight of the floating crane is 4.586 tons. During cruise and while being empty, the crane has 1,4 m draft. During operation and full load, it needs 1,7 m draft.

During operation and cruising while lifting, estimated dimensions of the floating crane is 97,2 * 45,8 meters. While towing, the floating crane has 148 meters’ length, with the towing equipment (without the length of tugboat) total length is 192 meters.

The boom of the crane is 96 meters in length, it has 2 lifting hooks which can handle 340 tons. Axial distance of hooks are 13,5 meters. During cruise, boom is lowered down onto the platform and therefore total height of the crane becomes 13,6 meters. Because of this, it gives this crane to pass under the bridges and therefore, it can be operated on rivers also.

The joint section of the boom is just at the center of the main platform. With the connection of the side platforms to the main platform, total frontal area becomes 42,5m * 45,8m, which can be used for carrying weights. Another unique feature of this crane is to carry 800 tons of weight on itself.

Building bridges, salvaging ships, submersion of tubes and pipes, loading heavy weights and unloading, port constructions, disassembly and montage of large ships and similar tasks are in the scope of this floating crane.